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Our Talking Cards

The DardaCats Talking Cards are designed to help start a dialogue about feelings, experiences & events.

Our Talking Cards are designed to help start a dialogue about feelings, experiences and events. They provide parents with inspiration and recommendations while playing with their child using the DardaCats.
Children can express themselves more freely when chatting through a Dardacat. Role playing encourages them to share difficult feelings or ask questions that they might otherwise keep to themselves.
We believe that social and emotional learning can be an enjoyable learning experience; a fun, playful time you can add to your daily routine. Through those activities, you'll also encourage the development of speech and listening skills.

Talking About Our Feelings Cards


DardaCats Arabic Talking Cards


Timing Recommendation
Daily, after school, (no distractions: kindly turn off your phone/TV)

Creating a safe space that encourages children to express their feelings, feel heard and understood. Normalizing talking about feelings.

5-4-3-2-1 Cards


DardaCats 54321 Talking Cards


Timing Recommendation
When a child is agitated, feeling worried or anxious

Encouraging children to use their senses. This helps turn their attention away from
worrying thoughts and memories and redirects it to the present moment.
This in turn gives them a sense of control.

General Tips

How to Start the Play Experience
Have the talking cards next to you, printed or on your smart device.
Our talking cards are meant to suggest ways for you to participate and keep the conversation flowing.
The DardaCats are meant to animate the conversation and help keep it fun and light. Depending on your child’s preference, have one or both of you talk through the DardaCat.

What to Keep in Mind
Consider playing those games with your child on a regular basis. Repetition helps.
At this stage, focus on inviting the dialogue. Interpreting your child's answers on your own isn't the focus.