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Product Specs

Fabric: 100% organic cotton
Filling: Polyester Fiber

The DardaCats is 22 cm x 22 cm x 28 cm (width x length x height)

This plush puppet is washable. Your little one can use it however they want, and take it with them wherever without worrying about making it dirty. 

Here are recommended laundry guidelines: 
Washing: 30 degrees celsius
Drying:  Gentle cycle.

Why Social & Emotional Learning

Alongside developing your little one’s cognitive, creative and physical skills, there is room to help your little one easily interact with others and better understand and respond to emotions - be it their own or others. 

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) covers skills such as:
Managing big feelings
Reason & logic

DardaCats seeks to make SEL accessible, fun and practical to families and caregivers. Developing emotional literacy is vital for school, work, and life success.

Everyone 🤍. It’s great to seize opportunities to better understand your (and other’s) emotions, and learn how to navigate through them. 

We have seen situations where DardaCats have helped families and children in daily moments such as meal time, bed time but also through big transitions like changing homes, loss. It also helped children who felt shy, scared as well as children who were bullied or struggled with staying focused.

DardaCats comes from the combination of two words Dardacha + Cats. Dardacha means “conversation” in Arabic which ties in with DardaCats’ objective to invite conversations and engagement with children.

Playing with DardaCats

You can start playing with DardaCats as early as you want. It's never too early to start communicating with your little ones (even when they are in the womb). How you use the DardaCat can evolve as they grow up.

There are two conversation starters we currently suggest when you’re not sure where to start from: 

Suggestion 1: How does DardaCat feel? 
Try introducing DardaCats to make difficult conversations easier by asking: How does DardaCat feel? And animated the emotion you want to discuss through the DradaCat. Sometimes it is easier to talk about embarrassing or scary things through another medium, especially if it is a friendly huggable cat with big eyes and an easy to use mouth. 

Suggestion 2: What would DardaCat do? 
Try introducing dardacats to model positive behavior by asking: What would Dardacats do? And model the behavior you want to discuss through the DardaCat. Sometimes it's easier to try something new or difficult when it is presented in a playful & engaging way. 

We are big advocates of co-playing and spending quality time together whenever possible. We’re looking to make those moments accessible and fun.

Research has indicated how parents are better off giving each child 10 minutes a day of undivided attention than spending 5 hours in the same room with distractions.

All of the above!
The beauty of DardaCats is that it’s a tool that can be leveraged across situations.

Our Social Mission

With every DardaCats purchased another is donated to one of our NGO partners. The NGO then assigns it to families who can benefit the most from it. With our buy one give one model, DardaCats is reaching the children who need it the most.

Here are our partners: 

is a Lebanese NGO that is all about Child Protection Policy put into Action. Their mission is to empower some of the world’s most vulnerable children by providing opportunities to heal, learn and grow.

is a Lebanese NGO with a mission to create life-changing impact on the lives of vulnerable families. They strive to address the structural barriers to overcoming hardships in disadvantaged and at-risk communities, such as patterns of discrimination and exclusion; lack of access to essential public services; conflict and social disorder; and major public health threats.

DardaCats was founded in reaction to the explosion of August 4. Both founders Davina Atallah and Youmna Nahas were in Beirut when it happened, and wanted to provide a source of comfort and support to children in those times. They collaborated with psychologists, and created DardaCats to invite conversations and engagement with children.

We are always looking for collaborators who share our values :)

You can reach us at
DM us on Instagram @dardacats.

Contact Information or DM us on Instagram @dardacats.

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